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The Digital Version of </br> Angel Investing; </br> What is Reinves Angels?

The Digital Version of
Angel Investing;
What is Reinves Angels?

Reinves Angels was founded to support startup ecosystem by Dr. Orhan Mutlu Topal, Prof. Dr. Abdulhakim Coskun, Dr. Guvenc Kockaya, Assoc. Mehmet Naci Efe, Global Crowdfunding Platform A.Ş. (Hakan Yıldız) and MaQasid Portfolio Management A.Ş. (Mustafa Sak). Reinves Angels was accredited by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance on 24 June 2021.

Our network, which was founded to provide the investment needed by the startups in technology and production activities at an early stage, has started to sign important investments in the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

If you are an Angel Investor, you can join our network and benefit from the advantages. If you are not an Angel Investor and want to become one (if you meet the legal requirements), all you have to do is click the Become a Digital Angel Investor button and send us the necessary information.

Become an Angel Investor

What is Angel Investing?

Angel investor (also known as private investor, seed investor, business angel or angel funder); are high-income natural persons who often provide financial support for early-stage entrepreneurs in exchange for their ownership in the company. Funds provided by angel investors help the startup transition from seed stage to development stage.

In order to be an angel investor in Turkey, it is necessary to meet the criteria one of two different category. While people with high income or wealth can become angel investors, professionals with experience in the field of investment also have the opportunity to become angel investor.

While it is necessary to document the annual income or meet the minimum wealth conditions required to be an angel investor in the first category, the experience requirement in the financial or entrepreneurial sectors in the second category is sufficient to become an angel investor.

Click here to become an Angel Investor and join our Network.

What is Angel Investing?
Angel Investing Legislation, Advantages and Conditions

Angel Investing Legislation, Advantages and Conditions

The Regulation on Individual Participation Capital, published in the Official Gazette dated February 15, 2013 and numbered 28360, provides great tax advantages to Angel Investors.

Angel investors, who have obtained an Individual Participation Investor License, can deduct from tax 75% of their investment in a company; If a company has received support within the scope of research, development and innovation programs determined by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey and the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization, They can deduct 100% of their investments from their personal tax bases within the same year. . Income earned by the investor is exempted from tax when exiting by selling his shares after staying in the company for at least two years.

How It Works?

Reinves Angels is a New Generation Digital Angel Investor Network that allows you to invest directly, over the internet or using a mobile application, with a fully digitized infrastructure, without any bureaucratic transaction complexity.

Investment transactions, via CMB (Capital Markets Board) Licensed,
All verification processes are via E-Government,
Dematerialization procedures MKK (Central Registry Agency) and
Fund transfers by Takasbank (Istanbul Takas ve Saklama Bankası A.Ş.)

are done safely, quickly and easily.

How It Works?
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